Leona Berlin produced her first own song at the age of 16, inspired by the music of Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Robert Glasper. Already then, she was honing her unique style, which combines emotional soul vocals with electronic effects and distinctive harmonies. She uses a harmoniser to multiply her voice and to create beguiling sounds with her band.

During her vocal studies, Leona Berlin produced songs together with other artists, including the DJ collective SoulParlor, as well as working on her own compositions. She has also demonstrated her creative versatility in supporting acts for artists such as Al Jarreau, and in her collaboration on the new album of Klaus Doldinger’s band Passport (New Moon, feat. Sasha).

Transcending stylistic boundaries, Leona Berlin’s voice and remarkable compositions, influenced by jazz, R’n’B and Neo Soul, put her in a league of her own. Live and in the studio she creates soundscapes full of energy, colour and emotional depth.

The new album is planned for May 2018 with a tour.




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