Watch the latest live video: MONKEYS live

Live from home – Corona edition. To me, music is as important as the air we need to breath. That’s why no virus can stop us from creating. Have fun watching & listening 😉 If you like it, feel free to share and spread the word. I appreciate it ♡

Here is another one for you: SNOW CRYSTAL live

Upcoming single by Leona Berlin: WRONG LANE feat. SNOOP DOGG

We just completed a crowdfunding to finance the promotion of my upcoming single “Wrong Lane” featuring the one and only SNOOP DOGG! Huge thanks to all supporters!

Due to COVID 19 the release date is postponed and currently scheduled for September 2020.

New single by Sync Floyd: #WATERISAHUMANRIGHT feat. Craig G & Leona Berlin

Recently I teamed up with Sync Floyd and NYC rapper Craig G to support the non-profit organization Viva con Agua with our song #WATERISAHUMANRIGHT. The aim of the organization is to improve drinking water supply in developing countries. All gains from this song go directly to Viva con Agua.

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Leona Berlin is an artist, who has something to say. She doesn’t just want to make music, but to give people inspiration and food for thought. With her atmospheric Urban Soul she provides the listener with a deep insight into her own cosmos. Her open and direct nature is as real as her last name and makes every live show a unique exciting experience.

Leona attaches great importance to her own, authentic expression, both musically and in terms of content. Leona: “My top priority is to be authentic without having to fit in a box. I would like to give an example of how authenticity is needed and demanded, especially in today’s media superficiality.“ She writes and produces her songs herself, inspired and influenced by her greatest role models as well as close musicians and producers from her team.

After collaborating with internationally known musicians such as Ray Angry (The Roots), Casey Benjamin and Burniss Earl Travis (Robert Glasper Experiment) for her debut album („Leona Berlin“, Warner Music 2018), Leona is currently working on her second album, which will be released in late summer this year. Her first single “Monkeys” was released in June 2019 and further singles will follow, including the single “Wrong Lane”, which features hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg.

To date, Leona has been seen live on various stages and festivals (including TEDx Hamburg, Women of the World Festival, Peppermint Club LA), as well as a support act for, among others, Al Jarreau, PJ Morton, Seinabo Sey and Lisa Stansfield.

DEUTSCHE VERSION   Leona Berlin ist eine Künstlerin, die etwas zu sagen hat. Die Wahl-Berlinerin möchte nicht nur Musik machen, sondern Menschen inspirieren und zum Nachdenken anstoßen. Mit ihrem atmosphärisch-dichten Urban Soul eröffnet sie dem Hörer einen tiefen Einblick in ihren eigenen Kosmos. Ihre offene, direkte Art ist so echt wie ihr Nachname und macht jede Live Show zu einem neuen, ganz eigenen mitreißenden Erlebnis.

Besonders großen Wert legt Leona auf ihren eigenen, authentischen Ausdruck, sowohl musikalisch als auch inhaltlich. Leona: „Meine größte Priorität ist, authentisch zu sein, ohne in eine Schublade passen zu müssen. Ich möchte ein Beispiel dafür geben, dass gerade in der heutigen Zeit von medialer Oberflächlichkeit Authentizität gebraucht wird und gefragt ist.“ Ihre Songs schreibt und produziert sie selbst, inspiriert und beeinflusst von ihren größten Vorbildern sowie Musikern und Produzenten aus ihrem nahen Umfeld.

Nachdem Leona für ihr Debüt Album („Leona Berlin“, Warner Music 2018) mit New Yorker Größen wie Ray Angry (The Roots), Casey Benjamin und Burniss Earl Travis (Robert Glasper Experiment) zusammen gearbeitet hat, produziert sie momentan ihr zweites Album. Die erste Single „Monkeys“ ist bereits erschienen und weitere Single-Auskopplungen folgen, unter anderem die Single „Wrong Lane“, auf der Hip Hop Ikone Snoop Dogg gefeatured ist.

Live war Leona bis heute auf verschiedenen Bühnen und Festivals (u.a. TEDx Hamburg, Women of the World Festival, Peppermint Club LA), sowie als Support-Act für u.a. Al Jarreau, PJ Morton, Seinabo Sey und Lisa Stansfield zu sehen.



This area will be updated as soon as the COVID 19 measures are no longer needed and we can play live shows again. Until then, check out my VIDEOS and LIVE PERFORMANCES. Looking forward to see you soon! Stay save everybody





Album “LEONA BERLIN” on 180g 12″ Vinyl


Single “MONKEYS” on pink 7″ Vinyl