WHO? – new single OUT NOW

My new song, “Who?”, is like a personal diary that gives you a deep look into my struggles and how I find my way out of them. The song takes you on a ride from me feeling really down on myself to a place of inspiring clarity and motivation. The song starts off dark and heavy, reflecting how I feel confused and frustrated. I talk openly about how hard it can be to always listen to my heart and make my own way. I faces lots of internal struggles, and question why I’m even doing what I’m doing. The song makes you think about why you do what you do. Are you driven by fear, a need for love, or the wish to avoid a boring life? I use the chorus of the song to step back and think deeply about what’s really driving me. I want to get to a state of unrestrained flow, which I describe as “like flying.” In the next part, I realise that the emotional ups and downs are something I’ve dealt with before. But every time they come up, they have less control over me. I aim for a state of clarity and happiness that I know is always there, even when I can’t feel it. By the end of the song, I finds my focus and sense of purpose again. I remember why I started my journey and how good it felt. I’m committed to staying on my path, no matter how hard it gets. So, “Who?” isn’t just a song; it’s like a life lesson put to music. It shows that life has its good and bad moments, but the important thing is to stay true to yourself. It speaks to anyone who’s ever had doubts but keeps going anyway.

DA BANG – new album by Gregory Hutchinson OUT NOW

I had the honor to work with drum giant Gregory Hutchin for his debut album DA BANG, which is out now! I’m featured on “Straight from the Heart”, “Losing You” and “Crazy Games”. Enjoy!


Last year in fall I joined my man, drummer and producer Magro and his band in the studio and we collected ideas for a song for his upcoming album. I wrote some lyrics about me re-gaining connection with my inner child, which has been a huge topic for me at that time. It’s about accepting and loving all the different aspects of myself – really about a process of growing self-respect and healing. “Never Let You Down” and Magro’s album “II” are available everywhere now, check it out!


Some magic moments of our recent performance at Club Gretchen in Berlin. Enjoy!

Guitar – Ben Barritt // Keys – Martin Lüdicke // Bass – Francesco Beccaro // Drums – Magro



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